Member Services


At Harper Health we provide comprehensive membership-based primary care internal medicine. Dr. Harper's 20+ years of training and experience enable him to diagnose and manage all manner of problems you may face, from the simple to the complex. This makes Harper Health, as much as possible, your one-stop-shop for health, accessing our extensive network of top local specialists for consultations only when needed. In addition, as a private, membership-based concierge practice, our independence allows Harper Health to provide its members the best care possible, with limited intrusion from health plans and hospital administrators.

Included in your yearly membership is a comprehensive yearly assessment customized to your needs and health goals (see below), follow-up and acute care visits, and support throughout the year. We make it easy, incorporating in-office lab draws and modern screening tools.

Along with primary care from Dr. Harper, you get additional support from our family nurse practitioner and administrative team, who are ready to help you navigate the healthcare environment. Our health coaches, dietitians and personal trainers are on call and ready when we need them. 

What you need, when you need it


A team dedicated to care

Get routine follow up and urgent care in person or virtually, at times that work for you. We’ll focus on your yearly goals and what you need to accomplish them, from in-office tools to as-needed visits and late-night calls. Our HIPAA-secure communication tools mean you have your trusted physician at your fingertips, 24/7. It’s all included. 

Healthcare, now less complicated


A team dedicated to supporting you

Billing, covered services, FSA, HSA, HRA: the administration of care is often messy and challenging. We’re ready to answer your questions in a way you can understand. In a world of confusion and haze there is now something you can count on: the team at Harper Health is here for you as your personal health care advocate. 

Much more than a physical


Your yearly assessment

Unique to most internal medicine primary care practices, we have invested in modern medical equipment and technology that puts the best resources at your fingertips. We customize your yearly assessment for you. We’ll perform a comprehensive history and physical exam including discussing both current and past health issues. We will then assess your current health status with tests that include:

Resting metabolic rate
Fitness assessment (VO2-max)
Body composition analysis (fat/muscle percentage)
Hearing screen

Pulmonary (lung) function screen
Resting EKG
Endothelial function (EndoPat)
Pharmacogenetic profile
Customized exercise plan

Laboratory work: metabolic panel, blood count, highly sensitive c-reactive protein, homocysteine, uric acid, vitamin D level, thyroid status, PSA, Pap smear and others
And more...


We will:

  • Customize specific components depending on factors particular to your age, personal health habits and behavior, goals for the year and previous year’s successes. Your comfort, success and welfare are our goals so everything is relevant to you as an individual.
  • Use the same fitness-focused tools that experts use, including Hologic bone densitometer and CardioCoach metabolic analyzer, which provide objective data to help you achieve your peak level of health and fitness. Young or old, access to high-quality data is key to making the most of your efforts.
  • Sit side-by-side with you to put plans into action by downloading and setting up our partner applications on your phone or tablet. Change efforts are easier when the tools and resources are personalized to your needs and goals.
  • Need more support? Quality-ensured health coaches, personal trainers and dietitians are available as we need them. 

Relationships Matter


Our referral network

Will's education at both a leading medical school (Northwestern University Feinberg) and internal medicine training program (University of Chicago), his decade of work with students at a top ten U.S. medical school (University of Chicago Pritzker), and his 20 years as a practicing internist have enabled him to establish a network of trusted colleagues and partners within the city of Chicago and around the country. He has formed a strong referral network across all disciplines and specialties.

Our independence as a private, not employed, practice allows us maximum flexibility as we refer members to the best specialists available in the region, whether it be at Northwestern Medicine, Rush University Medical Center or the University of Chicago Medicine. As a member, you will receive Harper Health concierge service when connecting with these institutions, including support with scheduling appointments and guidance if admission is ever needed.

Traveling domestically for work or pleasure? You’ll have access to the Harper Health extended referral network. 


Individual, Family and Corporate (Executive Physical) plans are available.