Care how it should be


It's our mission at Harper Health

Harper Health brings attention back to the patient-physician relationship. Our passion is to deliver membership-based primary care that is relentlessly focused on you, built on a foundation of trust and supported by the best team and resources available.

What it means for patients


Complete care from a team you trust

For Harper Health members, and its physicians led by Dr. William Harper, best-in class service is built on a coordinated system of comprehensive, personal care.

We have the time, desire and expertise to care for the complete person. Our diagnostic approach, treatment plan and follow-up system are all designed to be integrated into what is going on in your life. We make maintaining your health easier for you. This is how it should be: care customized to your needs and capabilities with a promise that it will be proactive, responsive, transparent and efficient.

What it means for physicians


Connecting and caring for the whole person

Caring best for any patient requires a deep foundation of knowledge and the ability to achieve authentic connection with patients, all in a practice model that allows for the expression of these skills. The current healthcare system discourages this, focusing instead on physician productivity and meaningless metrics.

At Harper Health, you will see physicians at the top of their game, who strive for clinical excellence while caring for you, as the unique individual you are.

The physicians at Harper Health, led by founder Dr. William Harper, share the same goals: the health and well-being of our patients. That’s it.

Be known. Be heard. Be healthier. Let’s take charge of your health, together.

Only a select number of memberships are available.